Whether you want to do agility, hoopers, flyball, gun dog work, heelwork to music or something else fun with your canine companion this course is for you.

All dog sports have one thing in common, good foundations.  Classes are designed to train critical skills that helps your partnership suceed in the dog sport of your choice. 

These classes are outside and run for a month.  I aim to cover the foundations for the dog sport of your choice including:

-Body awareness

-Physical fitness

-Recall & heel with distance and distration

-Sit/down with distance, distraction and duration

-Direction training - left, right, back
-Send away to target

-Forward focus

-Orientation around a target (pole/cone)
-Through hoops/tunnel

-Platform training

As well as the in-person training I provide access to a WhatsApp group so you can ask questions and post videos between classes. Its also good for socialising.

Classes start on a regular basis. To see what is available and reserve your place please contact me below.

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