Basic training classes are predominantly for dogs over 6 months old.  They are ideal for rescue dogs of any age, dogs that may have missed out on training due to lockdown and older puppies who are starting to feel a little more confident and are pushing the boundaries.

Dog training classes are a great way for dogs to learn that the desired behaviours aren't just expected at home, but they are rewarding when you are out and about with distractions too.  The in-person classes also help you with your training technique.  The most common reason for training not being as effective as we would like is the human element - our timing or the order of the cues and rewards needs some adjusting.  Having an experienced trainer on hand to help can make a big difference to the rate that your dog learns new skills and improves on existing ones.

In our older dog classes we train the basics and beyond.  The exact content is tailored to the participants in the class.  We aim to train (or remind the dogs) of the basics, but then add some proofing, distractions and distance.  We have the facilities to split the group into different activities if required.

Our classes cover all the usual basic training including the all important recall and loose lead walking.  By the end of the 6 week course we aim to have given you the skills to get better focus and engagement from your dog as well as helping them gain some self control. 

As well as the 6 week in-person training we provide access to a WhatsApp group so you can ask questions and post videos between classes. We also offer discounts on future learning courses and our "real life" workshops.

Classes start on a regular basis and run for 6 weeks. To see what is available and reserve your place please use our online store or contact us below.


If you've already done some basic training, have a look at the other classes we offer.

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